The Benefits Of Pilates

The Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates is described by its creator Joseph Pilates as the ‘method for whole health</em>’ and there are plenty of reasons to agree with this statement. This complete physical fitness system tests many areas of your fitness and is one of the most well-rounded training tools out there. Keep reading to learn all about the of Pilates.

Better Balance

Many Pilates postures including Control Balance and the Pilates Balance Point directly target and improve your balance. Not only does this enhance your exercise performance but it also allows you to better coordinate your movements during day to day life which makes you more agile and improves your reaction times.

Better Posture

All Pilates movements flow from the core, promote proper skeletal alignment and strengthen your abdominal muscles and spine. This has a positive impact on your posture and helps you avoid back aches, neck pain and other ailments that are associated with poor posture.

Core Stability

The core muscles are the main focus of every Pilates movement with every exercise starting from the center of your body. This makes Pilates one of the best tools available for strengthening and stabilizing the muscles in your abdomen and lower back.

Enhanced Breathing

Breathing is one of the key principles in Pilates with its founder Joseph Pilates believing that proper breathing helps to cleanse and invigorate your entire body and circulatory system. As a result, full inhalation and exhalation are emphasized during every Pilates movement. This strengthens your lungs, deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles and improves your overall breathing technique.

Greater Endurance

As your breathing improves from practicing Pilates you become able to draw more oxygen with each breath and process it more efficiently. This allows you to exercise for longer and with more energy.

Improved Concentration

People who practice Pilates are advised to fully concentrate on their body’s movements during each exercise and focus on the proper form. This high level of concentration on each movement helps to boost your overall concentration in day to day life and makes focusing on tasks much easier.

Increased Flexibility

Many Pilates exercises stretch out your joints and muscles and enhance their range of motion. This increases your overall flexibility which enhances the flow of blood within your body, lowers your injury and makes it easier to perform many of your daily tasks.

Stronger Muscles

One final benefit of Pilates is that it improves your overall strength levels. Every Pilates exercise engages multiple muscle groups and helps to strengthen and tone them. This additional strength has many related health and helps to improve your performance during other exercises and also gives you functional strength which you can apply during your daily life.


As you can see, there are so many reasons to practice Pilates. So give it a try today and put yourself on the path to better health.

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